Flaggy Flag Flaggy Flag


The flag is a variant on a traditional tricolor flag with a 2:3 aspect ratio and was designed by thp44.

"If we're thinking of dividing the flag vertically in half, the right half of that flag is the traditional Hello Internet grey color, now the left half has been vertically divided in two again so that there is a black vertical stripe and a white vertical stripe that are taking up the other 50% of the flag"

- CGP Grey



Isn't N**l and Gear the official flag of the podcast?


Don't feel bad Tim, this is a common mistake.
Luckily, we have various sources at our disposal to quickly debunk this myth:

1. Wikipedia

wikipedia screenshot

2. Podcast

Listen to this section of the podcast, which contains the final flag count:

3. YouTube

Here is a screenshot of the flag count. You can clearly see that Flaggy Flag got the most votes.

vote screenshot